Kayley Anne Collins

Top Ten Things about Kayley:

  1. I grew up in the tiny town of Harrington Park, NJ.
  2. I am a Jersey Girl through and through. I’m a BIG fan of diners, pizza, bagels, Bruce Springsteen, and spent every summer down at the Jersey Shore. 
  3. I was a Varsity athlete in soccer and softball and almost went on to play soccer in college.
  4.  I attended the ever so warm Ithaca College where I received my BFA in Musical Theater.
  5. In my junior year, I had the privilege of studying abroad in London. Because of this, I was able to travel to five different European countries and backpacked through Italy with my best friends!
  6. I am a Paper Mill Playhouse Conservatory Alum.
  7. My brother is my absolute best friend. He is a rock star!
  8. I don’t like jelly, so PB and J’s are not my jam.
  9. I like to think that I’m funny and have a good sense of humor. I think that laughter can cure anything.
  10. Patti Lupone mistakenly once told me I did an amazing job in a show I wasn’t in. I said thank you.